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Can more than one photograph be combined for the painting?
Yes, in most situations multiple photos can be used to create your painting. A very common request is to have the main subject placed in a different setting or omit the background all together.

We would like the colors in our painting to match the fabric in our furniture and in the rug. Is that possible? 
It is possible to accurately recreate colors in your artwork to match your existing color scheme if the artist is provided with fabric swatches or good photos.

How long does it take for a painting to be completed?
Some drawings take as little as a couple days to complete while larger and more complex paintings may take weeks. The primary variable is how many commissions are scheduled before yours. 

If you need the artwork done by a specific week, please make sure Jeff is aware of the date and he has agreed it is possible to have done by then.

Can I visit the studio and see the painting in progress? 
It is best to wait to see the finished artwork. An “in progress” painting does not accurately represent what the finished piece will look like.

What if there is something I wanted changed after the painting is finished?
Minor changes can be done on drawings and oil paintings. Watercolor paintings are not easily altered. Valid changes will gladly be done at no additional charge. Major changes or additions to the painting, if they can be done, may incur additional cost.