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Extra Information

Please contact the artist with any questions you may have. If possible, visit Ward Studio Gallery to view originals and his portfolio.  This may help you decide on size and medium. Since all portraits are done from photographs, you need to select your favorite photo or make arrangements with the artist for a sitting at a location of your choosing.

A 50% deposit is requested prior to beginning a painting with the balance and sales tax when completed.  Framing is available through Ward Studio Gallery at additional cost if desired.

Photo References
The quality of the photograph used to create your portrait can made the difference between a good painting and a great painting.  There are two options:

1. Shoot your own photos or choose your favorite existing photograph.  The most common practice and in some cases the only option.  A few guidelines are:

• Be sure the face is large and clear enough so that all the details you want are clearly visable
• If your portrait is to be done in color, make sure eyes, hair, and skin tones are visable and accurate.
• Include notes if necessary concerning any changes desired.

It is helpful to include a few additional or secondary reference photos that help familiarize the artist with the personality and subtleties of the subject.

2.  Arrange a sitting with the artist. When this is a feasible option, the results are worth the extra effort.  In a garden, your home, at the beach, or any location you think would be a perfect setting, the artist will shoot between 20-100 photos with your input during the shoot.  After printing and color correcting the images himself, a second meeting will be scheduled to review and choose your preferred photo.

Having the artist shoot the references ensures the best possible result for oils and other large or detailed color portraits. Hiring a professional photographer or using professionally taken photographs require written consent to use as primary reference for a portrait in respect to copy rights